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Richard Shelton

Blending Winemaker at CCWS and PRWS

Born and raised in Texas, Richard completed a B.S. in Biochemistry and worked on Protein modelling before realizing his passion for wine. A lifelong thrill seeker, Richard decide to travel the world and finally realized his true calling while wine tasting in Patagonia. Richard went on to earn a Masters of Enology at the highly acclaimed Roseworthy Program, at Adelaide University in South Australia. During his time in Australia Richard was privileged to work at the AWRI Research Winery at Waite campus.

From Australia Richard followed the path less traveled. In his pursuit of knowledge he worked wherever he could improve his winemaking skills. This led him from Pennsylvania, making traditional Icewine, to Texas where he worked with many fringe varietals.

Eventually Richard landed in California where he took a winemaker position at Monterey Wine Company where he focused on Central Coast fruit. As a Custom Crush facility Richard had the privilege to work with a many winemakers and a large range of varietals.

From Monterey Wine Company Richard accepted a job at Kosta Browne and moved to Sonoma where he had the honor of focusing on high end Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from Sonoma Coast, Russian River and Santa Lucia Highlands.

In his current position as Blending Winemaker for Turn Key Wine Brands Richard will have the unique opportunity to be able to produce wines from distinct appellations grown on greatly sought after vineyard sources.

E-mail: rshelton@ccwineservices.com






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