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Lab Services



Services for our production clients include:

Ethanol Alcohol - % Volume
Titratable Acidity - gm/100cc
Total SO2 - gm/1 (Ripper Method)
Free SO2 - gm/1 (Ripper Method/Aeration Method)
Residule Sugar % (Pill Test)
Paper Chromatography (five spots)
Volatile Acidity
Oxygen (Dissolved)
Carbon Dioxide (Carbodoseur)
Heat / Cold Stability
Full Panel 1. (pH, TA, F/T, SO2, VA)
Full Panel 2. (pH, TA, F/T, SO2, Ethanol)

These and many other testing and evaluation services are available through the third party lab, Enartis Vinquiry, which is located in our building.

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